Water Colorado: Buying Arkansas River Basin Water Rights


The Arkansas River Basin in southeastern Colorado is Colorado's largest river basin, draining nearly 25,000 square miles. When you're looking to buy Arkansas River water rights or the rights on any of the other Arkansas River basin waterways, Water Colorado will make your transaction as easy as possible.


  • District 11 - Arkansas River: Headwaters to Salida

  • District 12 - Arkansas River: Salida to Portland

  • District 14 - Arkansas River: Portland to Fowler

  • District 17 - Arkansas River: Fowler to Las Animas

  • District 67 - Arkansas River: Las Animas to Stateline

  • District 10 - Fountain Creek

  • District 13 - Wet Mountain Valley

  • District 15 - Saint Charles River

  • District 16 - Cucharas River

  • District 18 - Apishapa River

  • District 19 - Purgatoire River

  • District 66 - Cimarron River Basin

  • District 79 - Huerfano River


Below are listings of water rights available for sale in these areas.




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